Sunday, August 30, 2009

300 or more seats...

It is just not working out to get more information posted for folks on this, so here's the summary:

This election was all about emotion, not reason, and the results reflect that.

DPJ (the so-called "Democrats") wins the day. they may well have over 300 seats out of the Lower House's 480.

This is likely 'what we are getting' come tomorrow: The world as seen by a Hatoyama Premiership.

"We are so screwed" does not even begin to cover what is about to be.


h/t to M. Goldfarb over at The Weekly Standard for pointing out Y. Hatoyama's Op-Ed piece.


ruggels said...

J_J_Japan voted for a Comkie? or worse, and Obamaist? Oh Crap, if Unemployment wasn't bad now ti wil be soon. Look forward on the detail analysis of this when youg et the chance.

on the other hand, I'd offer you floor space in my apartment, but my bed takes up most of it now...


Will said...

How likely is the LDP to view this as a result of policy failure rather than the Prime Minister's personal failure?