Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Real IRA gunrunner trial to open


The Lithuanian police nabbed Michael Campbell quite while back (January 2008) and that was just the latest of matters that have involved the brother of Real IRA subfaction leader Liam Campbell. M. Campbell has already got a conviction in the Netherlands (2004) related to his running a cigarette smuggling racket... one of the usual ways to fund terror schemes, by the way.

The Lithuanian Prosecutor's Office got the case underway today. The report contained no word about the second Irish national detained at the same time as M. Campbell, and she was not identified in original arrest notice, but the period of remand to custody for the two of them was different (M. Campbell held for 3 months, which was repeatedly extended; the woman was to be held for for only a fortnight pending investigation).

Between this, and the judgements in favor of the Omagh bombing victims, the Real IRA is certainly in a pinch... and deservedly so.

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