Friday, August 14, 2009

Webb visits Myanmar (Burma)

Either *this* is one heck of a case of harebrained Parliamentary Diplomacy... that's when elected representatives take it upon themselves to go play Ambassador... or (far more likely) a massive shift in American policy toward Myanmar (Burma), which could not possibly come at a less appropriate time.

The Than Shwe Junta has just taken the opportunity to further repress the party of Ang San Suu Kyi and extend her house arrest further for a matter she had no responsibity in...

The latest round of North Korean gamesmanship was focused on further arms exports to the Junta...

The Myanmar Army has been on the offensive against the Karen ethnic group, driving more of those people over into refuge in Thailand...

...and this is a good time to send over a sitting U.S. Senator to have a chat with Than Shwe?

Then again, we are talking of the current American administration; Between creative interpretations of other democratic countries' Constitutions and banishing the Secretary of State on repeated journeys to outlying corners of the world, this might well be right along the course of action one should expect from the Obama regime.


Open invitation: anyone who sees a plausible explanation for all this, please do feel free to inform me... but do keep it to the foreign affairs part of the issue, thanks. There's a reason why this weblog is not a American domestic political 'blog.

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