Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Morning Push

It is Sunday, 'blog time at least, so...

Here's your place to start something of your own interest. This thread is left open to comments for folks to make their own fun or leave messages for me about breaking news events. The usual rules still apply: play nice.


In the odd event that you'd rather read news than just discuss something, here are Three Things You Should Know from the latest news cycle:

Wild fires on a modest, water-short island are a very bad thing indeed. Besides having to evacuate 4,000 residents (so far)...
Officials were worried the fire could spread north toward Caldera de Taburiente national park, home to several endangered native species such as the Canary Islands Juniper.

Environment counselor Vladimiro Rodriguez said several fires started almost simultaneously, usually a sign they could be man-made. Around 2,000 hectares (5,000 acres) had been destroyed by fire by midday Sunday.

A fire on the nearby island of La Gomera—the second in two days—was brought under control.
Then there is the latest from Cuba, where President Raul Castro a rousing speech to one-party "parliament" about not changing the system. Well... ((wry laugh)) Why ever would he want to change a system that has so rewarded him, his brother, and their extended family for decades? Something to think about, that.

Lastly, a moment of closure comes for the family of an American Naval Aviator missing in action since the First Gulf War: The remains of CPT Michael "Scott" Speicher have been positively identified. The recovery was made in July, and the news of the official identification just broke this day. May his family rest easier now, somehow.


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Karl Reisman said...

NPR News reported yesterday that the Swedish Rockets were in fact "Solent" fronm the Venezuelan Navy Base a decade or more ago. Supposition is he's upset the Columbains are allowing the US basing rights there.