Friday, August 21, 2009

No Sleep 'till Brooklyn

Three projects running at once *and* playing the election game here at the same time...

On the plus side, there will be a detailed two-part N&C posted here covering the Opposition and Coalition camps prior to election day.

On the down side, the rest of the world gets to go hang for a few more days while I figure out what to do with the recent (internal) polling that is showing Tochigi Prefecture and our district here in particular as a 50-50 split (LDP vs. DPJ)... in what is conventionally considered a "pocket borough" for the LDP.

Stay tuned.


note to self: Do not kill the crews of the loudspeaker trucks. They are only doing their job. Even if they are the Oppos. Even at 0700 hours. Consider the fact that they are likely driving away as many voters as they are reaching out to.


Karl Reisman said...

Loudspeaker trucks? at 7am? how.. quaint. Really?

Wait, are you eligible to vote?


L.Douglas Garrett said...

@karl reisman

yes, yes, and yes really.

Presuming you mean in Japan, then no. I also can not take certain jobs in government or national defense as those are limited to Japanese nationals.

However: In one of the worst ideas in the history of democratization, it has been proposed that foreign nationals resident in Japan be allowed local voting privileges (town/city councils)... let's just say that (generally) even us foreign-born see that as a bad idea. Yet another reason *not* to assimilate, and all that.