Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Evening Push

Here's your place to start something of your own interest. This thread is left open to comments for folks to make their own fun or leave messages for me about breaking news events. The usual rules still apply: play nice.

It was a bit of a pleasant coincidence that the pace of news slowed a bit this last week, as it was also a holiday week here in Japan (o-Bon) and having the time to take care of other matters was a needed thing. With the spirits of the dead now shown the lantern-way back to their rest and the Buddhists content that they've done their obligation, things can be expected to pick up again. We'll be picking up the pace again here at CompHyp as well.

...after all, we've got an election to rig, er, participate in, at least by voice.

Thank you to All for coming here!


Karl Reisman said...

So The opposition in Afghanistan, executed a coordinated detoonation of 5 carbombs , and destroyed the headquarters of the Japanese owned construction company there.

Haven read Michael Yon, I have seen how serious and how forward lookign the Japanese approach to construction in Afghanistan is. Will this have them leave?

As to Afghanistan itself I am afraid the current administration will be waffly, and cause us to lose a lot more groudn there.

L.Douglas Garrett said...

@karl reisman

I'll say "no", they won't leave for now... but...

Bill Roggio, on that very topic.