Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weblog Damage Control

Damage Control Parties report that all compartment doors are holding, and that the pumps are winning the race against flooding in the compromised spaces. Two boilers are holding steam and Engineering says that we can make Ahead One Quarter speed as of now. Most fires are out, and those that remain are contained.

We have power; the magazines are intact; the fire directors are in turret command.

This ship can still fight.


Personal Note: Don't ask about the last month. You'd likely not get a reply you'd like to hear. We pick up, as of now, and go on.


Will said...

Glad to hear you're ready to get back into action. I had hoped the last 2 weeks were a monumental bender and its aftermath following the DJP victory, but it sounds much more serious.

Here's hoping you have clear sailing for the remainder of the year.

Will said...

To be more clear, I thought you may have needed to reduce yourself to a drunken stupor rather than face the incoming government. I didn't think you were celebrating.

ruggels said...

Well , welcome back you are mieesed, I wish I could say the same for this news. Obama's Foreign Policiy is becoming like Chavez and I hate it:

L.Douglas Garrett said...

Thanks for the good wishes, fellows. (Two weeks drunk would have been better, hypothetically speaking, excepting the time I had with a friend visiting. That part was *very* good.)



I've another link to that same topic, btw, in the next thread.

Will said...

The NY Times is reporting here that Noordin Muhammad Top has been killed.

I'm not sure where to put the "again" in that sentence...

I sure hope they're right this time.

L.Douglas Garrett said...


They're right. He's stone dead.