Tuesday, August 4, 2009

W. J. Clinton to North Korea

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton is on a visit "as a private citizen" to North Korea. Yonhap News (South Korea) has this report as of now, and can be generally followed in English at this web site.

Oddly, sources like NPR (American) have this as, to paraphrase, 'Al Gore asked to go, before, but the State Department wouldn't sign off on it'.

Hm. At least this gets eyes-on Kim Jong-Il. Maybe some value to that. Maybe, maybe *maybe* this is the showpiece kowtow required to get Laura Ling and Euna Lee out of there.

Any bets?


Mr. Bill said...

Apparently, WJC had the magic mojo.

Karl Reisman said...

The phot shows that Li'l Kim's smile is still even, thoughhe's lost some weight and soem hair, and Clinton did not look happy or comfortable.

If all Kim wanted was a photo with a former U.S. President to get those idiot journalists, back then that's a good thing.

I hope we gave them nothing more.