Saturday, June 6, 2009

Guinea-Bissau political killings

The political violence continues in Guinea-Bissau (discussed previously *here* and *here* at CompHyp) with the killing on Friday of Territorial Administration Minister Baciro Dabo, former defence minister Helder Proenca and ex-prime minister Faustino Embali by Military Police in what is termed a "counter-coup operation".
"This was about nipping a coup attempt in the bud. Among the authors of this coup some came quietly while others tried to resist, that is why they were killed," the state intelligence services said in a communique.

"We have material proof that this coup attempt was aimed at physically eliminating the head of the armed forces, overthrowing the interim head of state and dissolving the national assembly," the statement said.
But outside observers aren't taking that at face value:
Analysts and diplomats were sceptical that the security forces were merely foiling a coup, saying the killings appeared to have been politically motivated and may have been connected to dealings with the powerful drug cartels.

RADDHO, a West African rights network, warned that Guinea Bissau was caught up in a dark series of political assassinations, intrigue and impunity.
The United Nations has issued a statement to the media expressing concern and "dismay"... but the U.N. and ECOWAS (the West African Economic Community) have stated that the campaigning for the next election (due to start today) should go on.

Going to be tough to have much of a campaign, with the most-likely-to-win candidate being dead and all. Folks might think the condition could be catching.

The election is scheduled for June 28th.

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