Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One al-Khazali let go

Aw, hell.

Baghdad; last Sunday:

Laith al-Khazali got sprung... and promptly upon arrival in the Sadr City district did the fade-into-the-woodwork move.

The official reason for his release is
“As part of a reconciliation effort between the government of Iraq and Asa’ib al-Haq, the decision has been made to release Layth Khazali,” said Lt. Col. Brian Maka, a spokesman for the American military commander here, in an e-mailed response to questions from The New York Times.
Unofficially, this is step one of an exchange to get back five British nationals who were kidnapped, likely by other members of the same Iranian-backed group run by the al-Khazalis... or their bosses.

The al-Maliki government (Iraq) is claiming to not know about this release.

This better work.


Susan said...

did you post about the two women journalists who got 12 years? I am looking-- for I am very upset for these women and their families-- I had to listen to a couple people who survived the labor camp and the stories they told were horrifying!

L.Douglas Garrett said...


No ma'am. The case in North Korea is well covered by RSF in this article, and what diplomatic efforts are underway are not part of general discussion at this time.

Susan said...

well LDG-- WHAT diplomatic efforts are underway as I sure haven't heard of any-- Fox has barely even covered this-- I know the girls were part of Gore's camp-- what is he doing?

L.Douglas Garrett said...

@Susan re:off-topic

What is happening diplomatically is happening very quietly, and doesn't (can't) involve American diplomats.

Yes, they worked for Current TV, which is part owned by A. Gore Jr.

What he is doing as a private citizen is, well, his business up to the point where he would need permission to go to North Korea to attempt a negotiation (cf. Bill Richardson's two trips there to get out people in the past).