Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This should be good

President Alvaro Uribe of Colombia is in Canada to promote Free Trade, and while he's there he is dropping off a little dossier with some details from the "Raul Reyes" computer files...
RCN reported that the FARC 'foreign offices' are co-ordinated by Mariela Devia Silva, the sister of slain FARC commander 'Raul Reyes' and three of his nephews and a niece. They are believed to have contact with NGOs, trade unions and the Canadian Communist Party.

The information about the guerrilla group's movements is said to have been found in 'Raul Reyes' computers. RCN reported that videos and photos of leaders of the Canadian Communist Party and Colombian FARC operatives were among the evidence found.
original Spanish-langage report from Canal RCN.

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