Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yemen coming apart at the seams

As if the accelerating violence in Somalia isn't enough trouble, now it seems clear that Yemen is in grave danger of societal breakdown:
Yemen's stability and security, and its future as a unitary state, are in jeopardy following recent violent demonstrations in the south, experts say.

In the past few days, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets in the governorates of Lahj, al-Dhalei, Hadhramaut and Abyan, chanting anti-government slogans and calling for secession and the withdrawal of "the northern occupation".

Scores were killed in clashes between protestors and security forces, and a number of soldiers were killed when armed groups attacked security checkpoints.

The violent demonstrations were the worst in the south since late 2006.
Source: IRIN

That article also cites the always-excellent Jane Novak on the situation. As a reminder, *here is a link* to Ms. Novak's "Armies of Liberation" weblog. This is the best English-language site available on matters in Yemen.


Oh, and just so one doesn't go thinking that the only problem facing Yemen is separatism... al-Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula has their part in all these troubles, too.

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