Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fiji not invited to Japan-Pacific Island Summit

The Government of Japan has advised the military Junta of Fiji that no Cabinet ministers from Fiji are invited to the 5th Japan-Pacific Islands Forum Summit (PALM5), to be held on Hokkaidou (Hokkaido; North Japan) on the 22nd~23rd of this month. So reports the Yomiuri Newspaper, today. (Source in Japanese)
...the policy of not inviting the Cabinet minister of the Fiji junta was decided, (the Government of Japan) understood that it has conveyed this to the Fiji side.  The Fiji diplomatic source on the 9th made clear (their understanding).
(translated in form, by this author)

This revises the announced list of attendees, and is more current than reports from the region citing a Japanese Embassy statement from Fiji earlier today.


Karl Reisman said...

Something tells me the Fijian Junta seems satisfied to not be a part of international bodies, as long as they stillget tourists.

Do they stillget tourists?


L.Douglas Garrett said...


"Do they still get tourists?"

Apparently so. JTB Oceania still books tours from Japan to Fiji (according to their listing; I haven't asked in specific)

The other big money item for Fiji is the fact that they are still a subsidized-price sugar supplier to the EU. Were the EU to suspend that favorable pricing arrangement, it would knock a hole in the Fijian national economy. No sign that is being contemplated, yet.