Sunday, May 17, 2009

EU cuts Fiji Sugar

We've mentioned it here before, albeit in a "comments" discussion, that the Republic of Fiji has two main sources of foreign trade income (Sugar and Tourism) that might be targeted to put pressure on the military-backed "government".

Well, make that *one* main source, now:
The European Commission said it had cancelled subsidies worth 24 million euros ($32.37 million) in the absence of any commitment to elections in 2009, as promised by military chief and interim Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama.
Perhaps this will be enough to let good sense take the lead. Fiji is not burdened with a kleptocratic class, as per se, nor are the differences between the ethnic communities by any means insurmountable. But it is well past time for faction leaders to step aside... and that needs happen before any meaningful result will come of new elections.

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