Saturday, May 2, 2009

I've got your "enduring resolution"

profane reference unstated as the implication alone is sufficient

Sri Lanka is about to win through in the war against the LTTE terrorist thugs. That means it must be time for the LTTE to try to sucker the U.N. and Internationalists everywhere into saving them from the much deserved fate of defeat that faces them.

How about this for an "enduring resolution"?

By the way, that above-linked AFP article is a bit short on its treatment of Akashi Yasushi (Y. Akashi)'s recent role in the matter. *This* AP version of the story is a bit better. He has in fact made several comments, only one of which asked for more consideration as to the fate of those 50,000 (10~20,000?) people still held behind LTTE lines, functionally as human shields. He did visit some of the refugee camps, where the more than 110,000 people already rescued are seeking protection and aid, and asked the government to do more in concert with international relief organizations. However, he also got cornered by some questions and...
(Y. Akashi) also called on the Tamil Tigers to "change its attitude" and let civilians crammed into the small patch of territory the rebels still hold to move out to safety.

Akashi also praised fund-raising efforts across the country for the refugees, which he described as "heartwarming."

"People from the south of Sri Lanka, most of them (majority) Sinhalese, are collecting money and goods for the (Tamil) refugees from the north," he said. "I hope such harmony and friendship will continue in the future."
OK, so he is playing both sides. What do you expect from "a politically appointed International Civil Servant at the Headquarters of the United Nations Secretariat in New York", anyway?

Fair Disclosure: Y. Akashi is one of the people vilified by this author for his overclaim of usefulness in the Cambodian U.N. intervention and his shameful role in the Balkan Wars (specifically his role in leaving Srebrenica to be massacred by Serbian forces during the Bosnia War). He's not going to get much of a fair hearing from me on much of anything without having someone outside his little Turtle Bay world back him up.

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