Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Evening Push

That is all for this week, which is a good thing considering how The Weekly got pushed aside by other obligations and then some needed sleep.

Lots of things left to do with the existing discussion threads, and I'll be around to comment on them too. Rather than posting an "Open" thread this weekend, this thread is left open to comments to fill any needs for that sort of thing. It will take a pretty compelling event to require a stand-alone Open Thread anytime soon, I believe. So enjoy here as you choose and the usual rules still apply; play nice.

It remains a pleasure to be of some small use and service by writing this weblog.

As always, thank you for coming here!


ruggels said...

Iran Launches Airstrikes on Iraqi Villages

Well this won't end well. Maybe we should give 2 million dollars to that Kurdish separatist party?


L.Douglas Garrett said...



Here are some fun facts, before you get too worked up about that:

PJAK is a PKK element.

Hating on the cold-war era RevCom PKK is pretty much universal in that district. Iran, Turkey, Iraq, and the MNF-I forces have all had to take runs at them over the years.

Airspace control over Iraq is still a Coalition lock. Somebody decided to check if his shooelaces were tied while the Iranians did what they were going to do. Bets are they even informed the KPA (local Kurdish authorities).

... there *are* some Kurdish separatist factions that would do a lot of good if they could get their act together, but as far as I know, PJAK is not one of them.

personal note: welcome back, compadre. You've been busy.