Thursday, May 21, 2009

Unity Government going no-where

The South African Development Community (SADC) has announced that there are no problems with the "Unity Government" in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia):
SADC executive secretary Thomaz Salomao told IRIN the regional bloc was pleased by the strides achieved, and that "Any deadlock is yet to be communicated to us formally, but we are happy with what they [unity government] have achieved so far."
Hm. Apparently it takes rather little to make the SADC Executive Secretary happy. *Here is the whole story*, courtesy of IRINnews under the headline "ZIMBABWE: The unity government's 100 days in the doldrums".

The problem remains that R. Mugabe remains.

That could be expanded upon to say that the problem remains that the ZANU-PF remains in virtually complete control of the levers of power.

Until he and his kleptocratic associates are out of power, no real progress can be made. SADC has become the problem, not the solution, regarding the abuses of the ZANU-PF.


In an unfortunate coincidence, this is the anniversary of the expulsion of Mengistu Haile Mariam and his government from Ethiopia. In his escape, he fled to the protection of the R. Mugabe regime and has remained there in spite of his conviction on charges of Genocide. He has even found a role in the Mugabe security apparatus, acting as a "security advisor" most likely responsible for the 2005 Operation Murambatsvina forcible demolition of slums in the capital region. He remains in residence in the Harare (Salisbury) district of Gunhill, out of the reach of the Ethiopian courts.

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