Saturday, May 16, 2009

Globovision put on notice

This matter has been coming to a head for a week, building on the long campaign by the Chavistas against any mass media outside government control. I received this on the 13th from sources watching the local Venezuelan media:
It looks like Chávez is going after everyone... Conatel will be "inspecting" the media to check that they are all operating as they should... here comes full censorship.

Otro avance de Chávez sobre la prensa: allanará todos los medios
Dos días después de que el caudillo advirtiera con aplicar medidas severas a la prensa, la Gaceta Oficial publicó hoy una resolución según la cual se iniciarán inspecciones a las radios y televisoras a cargo del ente regulador del sector
Now it seems that the threat is about to be made real. El Universal in English also has a running timeline of the threats and attacks against Globovision *here* detailing casework over the last week by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on this matter.

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