Wednesday, May 20, 2009

They fought for you

The campaign to grant full rights of settlement to veterans of the Gurkha Regiment(s) has finally taken a turn for the better, with the Brown administration promising "to ease restrictions" on resettlement. The complaint to date by the government has been that allowing open resettlement would cost the Crown about 1.4 billion pounds (~US$2 billion)...

The Parliament has resolved (albeit in non-binding form) to offer *all* Gurkha veterans equal rights to stay in Britain.

Here's a hint: how about stop letting seemingly limitless numbers of 'certain nationalities' to show up and settle in the U.K for a year, and redirect the effort to settling the Gurkha veterans.

The U.S. military offers a track to citizenship for foreign nationals who enlist.

The Legion (French Foreign Legion) grants citizenship outright to veterans who complete the enlistment in good conduct.

It is time to show some appreciation.

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