Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Further evidence of the influence of CompHyp.

In between all the other matters I get to talk about, having something lighthearted and yet of some good use is always a joy. This is one such moment.

You might recall I was a bit direct with Her Majesty's Prime Minister a few weeks back, re: the failure to maintain properly the Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office:
This isn't hard, Mr. Cameron.

The resolution is even good media optics.

Consider it a sop to the Traditionalist Right of the Party, if you must.

Something with sharp claws would be of use shredding those unreasonable budgetary requests from holdover Public Servants anyway.

I'll send you the contact information for a rescue centre in London.

Get a cat.
Well, it seems this ended well after all.

The new cat at No. 10 is Larry (Lawrence, more formally, I'm told), a four-year old tabby from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. Yes, a rescue. One with superb mousing skills as well, and an also-welcome willingness to claw up news reporters uncivil enough to pick him up without asking. OK, maybe that last part is outside the usual job requirements...

For once, if ever, a politician has made a decision that we wholeheartedly support and applaud.

Bravo, Mr. Cameron. Well played.

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