Monday, January 24, 2011

Well, that does explain... some of Gordon Brown's appointees lasting longer than five minutes.

Seems that, since untoward removal of the serving Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office Humphrey back in late 1997, and then brief acting tenure in 2007 of Sybil (during the house switch that put Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling in Number 10 while Brown resided in Number 11), the official residence of the Prime Minister of Her Majesty's Government has been without a ratcatcher.

The results are becoming an obvious embarrassment to the current administration. Yet the Cameron Premiership has yet to see the obvious:
Asked about the rat during a lobby briefing, the prime minister's official spokesman said there were "no plans" to bring in a cat to deal with it.
No Plans?

This is *not* like the problem with building two large-deck aircraft carriers that will have no airplanes. This certainly isn't up to the difficulty level of dealing with the financial and social damage done by over a decade of New Labour policies.

This isn't hard, Mr. Cameron.

The resolution is even good media optics.

Consider it a sop to the Traditionalist Right of the Party, if you must.

Something with sharp claws would be of use shredding those unreasonable budgetary requests from holdover Public Servants anyway.

I'll send you the contact information for a rescue centre in London.

Get a cat.

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