Friday, February 18, 2011

Not all demonstrations happen in the streets...

...some happen in the halls of Parliament.

This hasn't been the best of weeks for this author; perhaps you, the reader, also have been having a tough go of things? Well, compared to what Kan Naoto souri-daijin (Prime Minister N. Kan of Japan) is up against, we'd best not be out begging for sympathy. He's going to need all there is available:
Kan, Japan's fifth premier since 2006, told reporters in the evening he is not considering going back to the "old way of doing politics."

But despite Kan's renewed resolve, more DPJ lawmakers began speaking out that his resignation may be inevitable, a day after 16 lawmakers of his Democratic Party of Japan, who are affiliated with party veteran Ichiro Ozawa, launched a revolt.
I'd say that's a dangerous revolt, too. That "party veteran" comment is kind of inappropriate about Johnny-come-lately to the DPJ Ozawa Ichirou, notorious political opportunist and kingmaker, who is under reprimand by the party (related to indictments for political funds misappropriation). He's been around forever, politically, but has switched parties and factions more times than is easily counted.
The rift in the DPJ has widened after the leadership proposed this week that Ozawa's party membership be suspended due to a political funds scandal, for which he has been indicted. Ozawa has denied any wrongdoing and has repeatedly said he will prove his innocence in court.

It is unclear whether Ozawa masterminded the revolt.
Oh, please.

Don't insult him, or our intelligence.

If he didn't mastermind the revolt, he damn well should have.

...because it might well work.

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