Thursday, February 10, 2011

until Friday (Update2: Freedom for Egypt)

Obligations elsewhere have once again grabbed my available time. Should clear up by tomorrow, though.

See you all here, on Friday.

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OK, this hit the media, so here you are:

It is day 17 of the protests and Mubarak may be going out:
Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak is to make an address on national television, amid suggestions that he is preparing to step down.
How the Army and the administrative parts of the regime deal with this is the gamble for all the marbles, folks. They need to meet the protester's demands at least in principle, but not hand the keys to al-Ikhwan (the MB) *any* one group. Transition, real and practical transition that leads to a real chance at democracy, is what will be needed.

Here's hoping Egypt gets it.


(and then Will in Comments fields this while I'm typing... oh, with a different link but same message.)

Update 2: No deal. It is only a partial devolution.
Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak has said he will stay in office and transfer all power only after September's presidential election.

His comments in a national TV address confounded earlier reports that he was preparing to stand down immediately.

Mr Mubarak said he would delegate some powers to Vice-President Omar Suleiman, but the details of this remain unclear.


Will said...

False hope. He's still not going.


L.Douglas Garrett said...

well done, compadre. got it in the main text now.

Will said...

He's gone.