Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday *ARRGH*

Yes, this should be the Open Thread for the week.

But first, a moment of utter frustration, expressed in three parts:

. Claims are Preah Vihear temple has been damaged during continued cross-border clashes:
Cambodia says a disputed 11th Century temple - a UN World Heritage site - has been damaged during continued cross-border clashes with Thai troops.

Part of Preah Vihear temple collapsed after a Thai bombardment, officials said. Thailand has not commented.
.. A mutiny in a part of the Sudan Armed Forces (the North army) went into the streets in Malakal, Upper Nile State, when soon to be Southern-nationals refused redeployment orders to the North, and then spread:
The mutiny in Sudan's army first broke out on Thursday in the politically sensitive southern town of Malakal (ed: spelling; error in original).

Twenty people were killed during heavy fighting, including two children and a Sudanese driver working for the UN refugee agency UNHCR, who were caught in the crossfire.

The fighting then spread to both Melut and the oil-rich settlement of Paloich on Friday and Saturday.

At least 30 people were killed, all of them soldiers, according to state officials.
... The Egypt Crisis has had its first round of 'negotiations' and the media is already lumping all the anti-regime factions together. This is not promising. The meeting was to try and find a path to democratic reform. One of the groups attending is about as undemocratic as you can get:
The banned Muslim Brotherhood and other groups took part in landmark talks with the government after 13 days of street protests aimed at forcing President Hosni Mubarak to resign.
The other groups, not counting ElBaradei's useful front for the Islamists, had something to talk about and I hope the regime listened, but giving al-Ikhwan a foot in the door of the process is just asking for trouble...

((insert vocal expression of frustration here))



Enough of that.

Now it's your turn. Here's your Open thread for Sunday.

Use this wisely, folks. The usual rules apply: play nice.

As always, thank you All for coming here... and putting up with a little frustration today.

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