Saturday, February 5, 2011

and... Serbia?

Note to readers: you have not time travelled back to 1848. There are no riots spreading across Europe... as of yet.

But no competent insurrectionist ever lets a good opportunity go to waste. That, by the way, is the explanation for the mass anti-government protests in Belgrade.

Watch out for the folks behind this:
Clearly referring to events in Egypt and Tunisia, Mr Nikolic told the protesters: "Elsewhere in the world people are telling governments they should listen to the people.

"I know you are disenchanted and bitter over this dishonest government which is tormenting you. Let us torment government instead."

He warned that if elections were not called in two months' time, he would begin a sit-in outside parliament.

Mr Nikolic - formerly the head of the ultra-nationalist Radical Party - founded the Serbian Progressive Party less than three years ago. But his popularity is now such that he poses a serious threat to the government, our (BBC's) correspondent says.
(bold added by me)

That would be the Srpska Radikalna Stranka (Serbian Radical Party; SRS), a group famously blinded by their nationalist and exclusionist thinking. In fairness, Tomislav Nikolic did break with them in 2008 to form the Srpska Napredna Stranka (Serbian Progressive Party; SNS) but it isn't really clear how far toward moderate he and his party have moved. They talk a good game, but make no compromises on Kosovo or Bosnia matters... indeed, would reopen Croatian disputes if they could. Consider the jury to still be out on this lot.

But they might just scare a little good sense into the current administration. They could use a little something to concentrate their attention on doing their jobs.

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