Saturday, January 29, 2011

Egypt: Saturday

I'm on the run doing other things, but just to keep the information coming on this:

Here's CNN on Mubarak's moves to install a new government. The key item is the promotion of Omar Suleiman to the heretofore empty position of Vice President. He's one of the faces I mentioned obliquely as possible candidates for The Man on the White Horse solution. I'm not sure, though, if accepting a role in the new Mubarak regime makes him more likely to step in if the House of Mubarak crumbles, or if it taints him as a supporter of the Old Guard.

Caroline Glick has some insights as to the players in the opposition... not a promising bunch... and how the outcome of all this matters greatly to Israel.

The Hot Air guys have been doing a great job making this all more accessible to American readers who may not be up to following the details of all this. Here's their latest very readable thread post.

If you'd prefer the 'Pros from Dover', here's a link to STRATFOR's non-subscriber analysis items on the Egypt situation. You will need to sign up, but unlike most of their usual feeds, this one is free.

For the news, and lots of it with only a little commentary, I still consider The BBC's effort to be the best coverage out there. This link is to the latest story there, but expect further coverage as this progresses appearing on their home page or feeds.

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