Friday, January 21, 2011

This is how soup is done.

An impressive demonstration of resolve and capability by the ROK Naval forces successfully prevented a pirate raid (18.Jan) presumably killing the pirate raiders, and then rescued the M/V Samho Jewelry from pirate control (today), killing eight pirates and capturing five alive for arrest.

All 21 crew members were rescued, although one suffered a non-lifethreatening gunshot at the hands of the pirates.

Yonhap report on the raid.

Yonhap timeline on the events.

Reuters report on the raid.

Kyoudou wire service report on the raid.

This operation, from beginning to end, is how it should be done.


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L.Douglas Garrett said...

Follow Up:

Eagle1 has more on this story here.

His observation includes that media reports of the size of the ROK special detachment are almost certainly wrong; I concur.