Friday, January 14, 2011

Stories to watch the next few days

Here's a by-no-means-all-inclusive alert. I've picked out three stories happening now that all have major international impact:

Lebanon has lost its government over the soon-to-be-announced Hariri Assassination indictments. As always, look for analysis to Michael J. Totten on matters in Lebanon, and look to Ya Libnan for your Lebanese news source.

North Africa beats East Africa to the punch on riots threatening the regime. Tunisia has declared a State of Emergency. Yes, there is still an open dispute in Tanzania as well, but it hasn't reached this level yet. Then again, those protests are more recent in origin.

Sudan is still in the process of the referendum on South Sudan Independence. The good news is that the required 60% of the electorate threshold for ratifying the result has been passed, and the Independence platform seems almost assured of carrying, but the district of Abyei isn't part of the territory to be liberated by the vote; its status won't be decided until later and then supposedly by negotiations. That and the tribal divisions in the region are all the invitation North Sudan needs to continue to stir up trouble.

Expect to see all of these stories get worse before they get better.

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