Friday, January 7, 2011

Someone; Someone's Wife; Someone's Children

It is just the sort of nasty, but somehow insignificant story that passes in the news stream: The AP reports 8 dead, 3 wounded in Honduras bus shooting.
Gunmen killed four women and four children, including an 18-month boy, and wounded three others Thursday in an attack on a minibus in Honduras, officials said.

The attack in the rural eastern province of Olancho appears to have been aimed at one of the passengers on the minibus, said Security Ministry spokesman Leonel Sauceda.
(sourced via SFGate)

This version of the report has it that an "extortion attempt by street gangs" was the motive, and that one or two of the passengers in the minibus were the target. The shooting started when the driver pressed on through the attempted road block.

Here's the BBC version... Eight die as gunmen attack bus in Honduras. They give the motive as
(The motive for the attack) is being investigated.

Honduran newspaper the Herald said police were exploring possible links to drug traffickers.

The paper quoted unnamed sources as saying the gunmen were targeting a woman know only as "the doctor".
If this isn't pushing all your "there is more to this" buttons, then I'm not sure what more would be needed.

This was a premeditated ambush, targeting someone or someone's wife or someone's children or grandchildren... not ordinary highway robbery.

When who that was becomes public, I'll wager there will be a lot more to say about this.

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