Thursday, January 13, 2011

Are you quite finished, yet?

American political matters gone wrong have the almost unique ability to push every other bit of world news off the front page... or the second... and some times even through to the middle of the broadsheet...

Look, I even have some (slight) familiarity with one of the victims in the Tucson Massacre. I'm angry that it happened, and proud beyond belief of the people at the scene that saved lives and took down the attacker. That doesn't mean I'll put up with the vastly partisan gamesmanship that political interests (mostly from the particularly shameful Left, this time) to get to other stories that might be of interest here. Nor do I appreciate having to spend valuable client time debunking misinformation on a matter that is to most of my customers a matter of purely vicarious interest. Yes, I do have to do that when the U.S. Secretary of State does something dumb and has the bad form to do it overseas and in front of the media. (Warning: Link is to a video feed.)

I was sincerely hoping that, by today, the news cycle would have moved past this.

No luck.

Oh well. I'll continue to take the Eagle1 option until this plays out and I can present other matters... and be civil about it...

...maybe tomorrow will be better.

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