Monday, January 24, 2011

Domodedovo Airport Attack (Updated)

The details are still coming in, but here is the short form:
35 people have been killed in an explosion at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport according to the airport spokesperson. Up to 130 are said to have been injured in what the Investigative Committee believes to be a terror attack.
The attacker hit the crowd at the Arrivals area waiting for passengers to clear the secure zone.

The report (in English) from Russia Today on the attack. Scroll down that page for more details and some analysis.

The BBC has a lengthy coverage as well, and has links to more information.

Preliminary reports have several body parts of the bomber collected as evidence. The ФСБ (FSB) was apparently in pursuit of the attack cell earlier in the day, but did not catch on as to who and where until too late.

The War goes on.



UPI has it as two suicide bombers:
Witnesses told Russian media two people detonated their explosives as passengers walked from the international arrival area of Moscow's busiest airport, RIA Novosti reported.
Note, the two linked reports above have it as a single bomber. Someone at the investigation needs to address this difference.

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