Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oh, that was the word: prætentious

Not much else to say about the performance of various international organizations during the U.N. General Assembly round this last week.

The OAS had already made sure Honduras's de jure government under R. Micheletti was not offered an invitation to the confab... although, amusingly at this point, pretender-to-the-executive M. Zelaya is a bit occupied and couldn't make it to pick up his invite from his pal M. d'Escoto Brockmann (whose term as UNGA President was over as of the 15th of Sept. The only man who could make a Libyan UNGA President look good...)

In the Africa department, the AU was mostly harmless this time, but SADC continues to show its appalling sense of what is proper by applauding the man who has ignored SADC-sponsored judicial rulings against his regime (that would be "Red Bob" Mugabe and his gang of thieves) while allowing some SADC members to undermine an invitation to the Rajoelina junta of Madagascar. Whether that invitation should have been offered is a matter of debate, but having done such...
The Democratic Republic of Congo, speaking at the General Assembly on Friday on behalf of the Southern African Development Community, which suspended Madagascar after the coup, asked that Andry Rajoelina be barred from addressing the gathering.

The motion was carried by a vote on the Assembly floor after chaotic scenes which led to most member states abstaining.
...then this is simply an act of political pretense of the most foul kind.

The United Nations General Assembly. Living down to your expectations at every opportunity.

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