Friday, September 25, 2009

U.K. Major-General Mackay resigns

He's out.
Major-General Andrew Mackay, a former brigade commander who oversaw critical operations in Afghanistan, resigned on Thursday, the Ministry of Defence said, asking for the reason behind his decision to remain a private matter.
Yeah. Private. Reuters implies another cause.

Given the dithering and ducking going on in Washington D.C. over General Stanley McChrystal's request for forces... filed the better part of 2 months ago and left to rot then pulled back for a re-write (it gets rolled out again next week)... the only question is: will A. Mackay shortly have someone to keep him company from across the pond?

There are ways to fight wars, to win them. Apparently neither Gordon Brown *or* the guy in the Oval Office who keeps refusing to return his phone calls have any clue about those ways. The only other explanation would be that their intention has nothing to do with winning the GWOT anywhere, much less in the Afghanistan theater.

The next general election in the U.K. must come by June 2010. I'd ask for sooner, but the Labour Party knows what the voters have waiting for them.

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