Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This is what a military coup looks like

For those readers still unclear on what a military coup d'etat in the developing world and its aftermath looks like, one need look no further that Guinea (the formerly French Guinea)...
Tensions have risen in Guinea amid rumors that military leader Capt. Moussa "Dadis" Camara may run in presidential elections set for Jan. 31. Camara said that the shootings by members of his presidential guard were beyond his control.

"Those people who committed those atrocities were uncontrollable elements in the military," he told Radio France International on Monday night. "Even I, as head of state in this very tense situation, cannot claim to be able to control those elements in the military."
157 dead.

The reports list shootings, rapes in the street, bayonetings and knifings. Human rights groups claim (granted, unsubstatiatably) more than 1,200 wounded.
Soldiers reeking of alcohol menaced Guinea's capital Tuesday, a day after the military's presidential guard shot at pro-democracy demonstrators in the West African country...
It all happened in a single day.


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