Monday, September 21, 2009

The Zelaya sleight of hand trick

It does appear that between certain U.N. maneuvers, and a bit of a sleight of hand trick that smells of some players in the U.S. government, former President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya has been snuck back into the country... is said to be in the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa under protection... and has apparently triggered the arrest warrant for him that was in abeyance...

Sources tell me that the U.S. State Department "...says Zelaya is yes- indeed- back in Honduras. They claim it took them by surprise."

Maybe he is there. Maybe not.

But you can bet money on the fact that this stunt (real or staged) is timed to catch attention in the very week of scheduled fun and games at Turtle Bay... eh hem... I mean the week of U.N. General Assembly speeches by any and all presiding leaders of the member states, and then a session of the U.N.S.C. where American President Obama has already said he is to push aside Dr. Susan Rice (AFRICA EXPERT), his Ambassador to the U.N., and chair the subsequent SecCouncil meeting himself. Yeah, the topic is supposed to be nuclear disarmament... any guesses whether that agenda will still hold?


A little more:

Fausta's Blog is already on this, and has several pieces of the puzzle... but this is still all up-in-the-air.


Here's the version of the story told by the AP. It is a "breaking news" item, so it may well have more updates as the day goes along.


Update 21st, 2200hrs, blog time

Anyone care to explain to me how giving Zelaya a pulpit on the roof of the Brazilian Embassy is not conduct incompatible with diplomatic status for the entire Brazilian presence in Honduras?

...there is also something distinctly fishy about the "2 Days Overland" return story being bandied about, but for now I lack a good challenge to it.


More on this as more information comes in.

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