Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Honduran Authorities enforce the curfew

The public demonstration by an ALBA provided rent-a-mob supporters of former Honduran President M. Zelaya, outside the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa where Zelaya has been smuggled into, has been broken up by the riot squad.

Military and Police, enforcing the curfew decreed after Zelaya's most recent stunt, did not attempt entry into the Embassy, but at least a couple of tear gas canisters ended up inside the compound... which certainly got the attention of the media reporters who are conveniently also inside the Embassy...

Sources are also coming in with reports of a possible order to detain Zelaya:
Miembros de la Dirección General de Investigación Criminal llegan a la zona pues la orden es ejecutar la captura de Manuel Zelaya Roisales y colocarlo a la orden de los Tribunales.
...(English) to capture him and place him at the disposal of the courts.

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. It is what should have happened on day one, frankly. Not sure the Brazilians are going to go quietly along on that; they may well take one for the team on this. Pity, really. I've always thought better of the Brazilian Foreign Service.


H/T to my most excellent Spanish-language Reader for citing the above source to me.

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