Sunday, November 1, 2009

"...was not suicide"

There have been two notable unsolved deaths in the last year of U.N. anti-proliferation experts. Both cases involved finding the body at the bottom of a stairwell... this time, a 17 story stairwell in the U.N.'s Vienna building.

To no great surprise, the post-mortem has come back with the opinion that this ...was not suicide.

The mystery is two-fold, however: Why would either of these investigators be killed, and why would similar-if-not-identical methods of their demise occur?

This is not time for the U.N. to engage in its usual "close the door; move along; nothing to see here" manner that it resorts to whenever scandal or accusations come their way. It is, however, time for the U.K. to invest a coroner's inquest into the matter *separate from the U.N. investigation*. The truth need be confirmed by more than interested parties.

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