Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mugabe gets time from the Kimberley Process

...undeservedly so, but that's what this report says:
Zimbabwe has escaped suspension from the Kimberly process - the certification scheme which regulates the sale of so-called blood diamonds.

Instead, the 70-member international diamond trade body has agreed to give Zimbabwe more time to reform its mining practices.
A specified length of time would at least have been something. This is, for all intents and purposes, nothing.

The pressure was on at the meeting from both human rights groups (who are *outraged*) and from political players who, knowing that the "Unity Government" of Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) is meeting with SADC officials in Mozambique to try and patch together that sham so it holds together a little longer (Heaven knows, but why?).


By the way, here's a pop-quiz on unsourced / illegal trade / stolen diamonds:

What country is currently the major source of diamonds lacking certified origin?

Hint: They used to be a part of the Kimberley Process, but the current regime there pulled out.

2nd Hint, if you need it: Look at the label at the end of this thread. South(ern) Africa and...


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