Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kimberley Process goes after Mugabe's thugs

We'll have to see if this can be made effective, but it seems clear now that, given the unapologetic non-compliance by the ZANU-PF -run Ministry of Mines, a KPCS suspension is in the works. In fairness, that is a weak hand to play:
A suspension would in effect stop the Zimbabwean government importing and exporting rough diamonds. However, the scheme is voluntary and the Zimbabwean authorities would be required to enforce it – the same authorities that are said to be heavily involved in illegal smuggling and violence at the mines.

Perhaps more importantly, a suspension would also put the onus on reputable traders and governments not to buy Zimbabwean diamonds, which dealers can easily identify by their coarse, pebble-like appearance. Those trading in non-KPCS diamonds risk expulsion from the world's 24 diamond bourses.
...but it might do something to cut into the Kleptocrat's revenues.

More importantly, it brings back into the public view the reality of how Mugabe's government of Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) is staying in power... by stealing and killing.


Common and Uncommon (Crimes against Humanity).

Crimes that need be answered for.

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