Wednesday, November 4, 2009

...has no time...

Oh, this should go over well: gaimu daijin (Japan's Minister for Foreign Affairs) Okada Katsuya (K. Okada) will not be meeting with American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton prior to the visit by American President Obama to Japan later this month, because "(Japan) has no time (to meet with the U.S.)".


Parliamentary sessions.

Scheduling conflicts.

Okada daijin needs to rotate the air in his tires.

We're busy.

Oh, it might have something to do with the "great" impression SecDef Gates made on his last visit here. It might be that the guy wearing the American Ambassador's hat is still playing tourist. It could be that the Hatoyama naikaku (Hatoyama Administration) really doesn't want to do Defense things, or American things, and especially not American Defense things...

But this is more likely:
Correspondents said the cancellation was partly because the Diet, Japan's parliament, was in session, but also because there appeared to be disagreement within the Japanese government about the direction of policy.
No kidding.

In fact, the The Pushmi-pullyu comes to mind.

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