Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Morning Open

Let's try this again...

Here's an Open Thread for you All, to ask questions or discuss topics of your chosing. The basic rule remains: Play Nice.

However since there seems to have been a minor misapprehension about that sort of thing recently, let's also get some things straight:

. Play Nice means don't come in here with a load of attitude, and don't go looking for a fight. If one finds you, don't feed the troll. A little rough-and-tumble with words is fine, but as soon as someone takes offense, game over. Drop the topic.

.. It better be either interesting or important to discuss it here, in public. My e-mail isn't a secret; If you want to discuss something but just doesn't seem appropriate to wave around in public (good-wise or bad-wise), send it to me privately and if it turns out to be good public discussion, I'll ask if I may post the discussion. If it's bad, you'll catch hell from me, but not out in public.

... I don't place ads or charge a subscription; as such I take particular umbrage with anyone who (no matter how politely) posts spam, ad-links, or redirects to someone else's for-profit site. As soon as I see one of those in comments, it goes bye-bye and the poster draws a permanent ban. No debate, no appeal. Gone.

.... Same-same for anything I decide is beyond-the-pale morally or socially. No debate, no appeal. Gone.

..... Lastly, the Catch-All Rule: My basement, my rules. That means I get to decide what is ok, what isn't, who gets comments deleted (or gets banned) and who doesn't. Yep, that means if I so much as think you are looking cross-ways at me, I might drop the hammer. You don't like it? Start your own 'blog.

Now then, since this is the first time in almost four years I've had to spell things out, let's call it done and go on.

Here's to better days.

As always, thank you All for coming here.


Will said...

I am gobsmacked by the gall this guy has:

Viktor Bout Asks Judge To Not Sentence Him

I'm pretty sure he's going to jail in spite of this plea. It couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

L.Douglas Garrett said...

If ego was a suitable defense, he would have walked... ((snerk))

...but really, you can't blame his defense for trying anything within the rules at this point, because he *is* going and he does deserve it.

The real question remains will he change course and offer some sell-out of the money men who were behind his operation to get a reduced sentence once it is obvious that all other defense options are played out. Not like he's offered any such, but one can hope I guess.