Saturday, March 31, 2012

"...little progress in quelling the unrest."

Remember back before the slowdown here at CompHyp how SouthEast Asia, specifically Thailand, used to get a fair amount of topic postings? Between the political instability and a pesky insurgency or two, there was usually something to report...

Well, time gone by and Thailand endured a disaster (massive flooding) nearly as economically damaging as our earthquake/tsunami event here in Japan... and seen a major change in government... and dealt with a lot of other things... but that pesky insurgency down in the south? It is still going, and by some measures getting worse:
YALA, Thailand, March 31 (Reuters) - Nine people died and at least 70 were injured in a series of bomb explosions on Saturday in Thailand's Muslim south, the latest in a wave of violence blamed on separatists in a region bordering Malaysia, police and officials said.
It was a sequenced attack, with the third bomb time delayed after the first two to sucker in onlookers and first responders and then kill them.

The quote in the title, by the way, also comes from the Reuters article cited.

It refers to the Thai military.

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Mr. Bill said...

And Bhumibol Adulyadej [RTGS: Phumiphon Adunyadet] is still king. Not saying these things are connected, but as long as you're listing constants, I thought it worth mentioning.