Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stop tickling the catfish.

We're ok here, but this is getting a little troublesome. Again.

Earlier today, a 6.8 mag shake hit up between the Touhoku and Hokkaidou. Spawned a little-itty-bitty 50cm tsunami. Scared the heck out of folks up there, to no surprise.

Now we get a resounding *whack* in back down here as a 6.1 mag hit at 2105hrs local (on the 14th). Major shaking all through the "capital region", and a serious knock on folks over by Narita International Airport.

No damage or casualties reported in the first 20 minutes after.


The title refers to the mythical Japanese belief that earthquakes were the result of the movements of a giant catfish that lived beneath the world. Conveniently, said mythology also referred to one of the lesser gods solving the problem by pinning that catfish at spearpoint. Anyone got a spare spear?

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Mr. Bill said...

I'm thinking it's time for a national fish fry.