Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Guinea Bissau Assassination

This time, on the very day of the latest Presidential election... Colonel Samba Diallo, the former head of military intelligence was shot dead.
Diallo was widely feared during his time as head of military intelligence and is believed to have played a role in many coups and political assassinations, diplomatic sources said.
Um, yes.

The larger problem, one only masked by the appearance of a peaceful election, is that the only discernable difference between any stereotypical narcostate and the current situation in Guinea Bissau is that the factions in the military have been killing each other off gangland-style for much longer than the flood of cocaine money has sloshed around in the country.

So, whether this was an old score or a new dispute matters not in the particular, but it does mean that things aren't getting better... and that's just the way the narcos would want the country to stay.

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