Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sudan fighting links Darfur and South problems

There has always been a linkage... merely a causal one. The Government of the Republic of Sudan has been perfectly content to use the means of warfare on both those peoples and regions.

Rarely, the two conflict zones have overlapped; Most commonly that has happened when an anti-government militia from one area runs into the other region to seek cover. Not this time. Yes, there was fighting on the Darfur side of the line. No, that doesn't explain the bombings in South Sudan territory last month, nor this:
(IRC’s Vincent) Kahi said Sudanese army planes circled overhead during a visit last week by a team composed of several aid agencies, which was sent to assess the needs of the displaced.

“The overflying planes caused additional fear and alarm among a group already traumatised by last month’s bombings,” he added.
The planned referendum on South Sudan Independence comes on January 9th, 2011. None too soon, in my opinion.

If (when!) independence comes, there is some serious doubt that the North will respect it. Means need be provided for the South to at least assert sovereignty over its own borders... but the South is years away from having on its own any air defense capability of note.

So... who's ready to pony up to enforce a no-fly zone over the conflict areas of Sudan?


Thought so.

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