Thursday, December 23, 2010

It just gets worse

...for the people of Venezuela, and anyone else within the grasp of Hugo's desire.

I've recently mentioned just how bad it is as a general statement; now consider some of the details:

President Hugo Chávez got his 'Enabling Law' and a package of Organic Laws (a class of legislation second only to Constitutional Amendments in the Venezuelan system) out of the lame-duck session of the National Assembly (flat-out undermining the results of the last election). He's got rule-by-decree for the next eighteen months.

Changing political parties, once elected to the Assembly, is now functionally illegal, as the Representative is disqualified from office upon voting outside the party manifesto under which they were elected.

Land seizures are continuing, and accelerating. The massive nationalization of 47 major agricultural properties in Sur del Lago (South Lake Maracaibo district) is underway and only a few of the protests seem to slow the effort.

The mayhem being committed on the rest of the economy, from media to internet to financial institutions and on and on... is that consolidation of absolute authority in the ruling regime that always brings disaster but usually allows a fair number of apparatchiks to get really rich before the fall.

...and they are just getting up to speed.

Daniel at Venezuela News and Views has a summary of the latest stages of this de facto autogolpe.

It's going to get worse.

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