Monday, December 20, 2010

Lukashenko beats 'the opposition'

That's what you'd expect in an election in Belarus run by the Lukashenko (Lukashenka) regime, right? Numbers like 99% in favor are not ahistorical and this time he claimed a modest number just under 80%.

The problem (if you are A. Lukashenko) is that this time the Oppos didn't take it very well...

...but with sufficient arrests and public beatings that shouldn't be a notable problem.

Labeling the Oppos as "vandals" and "hooligans" is apparently sufficient justification for what happened, according to President Lukashenko:
"You saw how our law-enforcers behaved. They stood firm and acted exclusively within the bounds of the law. They defended the country and people from barbarism and ruin."

"There will be no revolution or criminality in Belarus."

Several hundred people were detained when police dispersed at least 10,000 anti-Lukashenko demonstrators in the centre of the capital on Sunday night, officials said.

The demonstrators tried to storm a government building, but were pushed back by riot police. Dozens of people in the crowd were injured in clashes after being beaten with batons, according to eyewitnesses.
If you'd prefer another source, with lots more information, here's RFE/RL on the crackdown on opposition demonstrators.

So much for a move toward making his regime acceptable to the OSCE and Europe.

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