Monday, December 27, 2010

Khodorkovsky, Ledbedev found guilty

I could have picked any of several sources on this, but here is RFE/RL's version of the report that combines accuracy and context in the most readable fashion, I think.

Most all the details are there, but one example was not as clear as it could be. Here's how they cited it:
(Khodorkovsky)'s since been accused of stealing $25 billion of oil from his own company, Yukos, and laundering the proceeds, an allegation brought months before he was eligible for parole in 2007. Many believe he and Lebedev were charged as an excuse to keep them in jail, possibly until 2017.
What isn't said is that sum of oil production *exceeds what Yukos could possibly have shipped* in the period under challenge.

So, besides the fact that one can put aside any claims that Mikhail Khodorkovsky may have gained control of Yukos in the usual (questionable) manner in the "Wild East" post-Soviet times of the oligarchs ...those weren't the charges this time... it is now clear that the charges-as-filed are simply fabricated.

This was all about Khodorkovsky and his associates opposing Vladimir Putin.

That, apparently, is good for functionally indefinite detention in the "new" Russia.

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