Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Zelaya heads for the door

This is a breaking news item, but for now here's what is out there:
Deposed Honduran leader Manuel Zelaya has left the Brazilian embassy there and is heading into exile in the Dominican Republic, reports say.
Fully clothed. Just like last time.

Sadly, it looks like the deal to let him go has some kind of immunity offer... I hope it is at least contingent upon his shutting up and going away quietly... but I'd still rather see him stand trial.



The AP has it that the deal lets him slide for treason, *but* leaves the door open to pursuing charges for "embezzlement in connection with $1.5 million in government funds".


Marie said...

I would have preferred that he be tried and then imprisoned as should be. Unfortunately, loose as he will be he will be able to plan mischief.
When they tossed him out of the country the first time, I felt that was a bad move. They had enough on him to try him.

Susan said...

i so agree with Marie-

Susan said...

so do you think Porfirio Lobo is going to benefit Honduras? He sure was nice to make sure Se Vaya got out safely.

L.Douglas Garrett said...


magic 8 ball says... "reply hazy".

Seriously, it all remains to be seen. There are some perilous questions about the side deal(s) and his party's ability to be look out for the benefit of the entire nation. Here's hoping he proves to be a good President. Honduras deserves that.