Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Egypt Plot Trial

Remember the arrest of a number of Hezbollah-linked individuals operating in Egypt's Sinai region last year? Maybe you recall reading about it here at CompHyp on 13.April, 2009?

The trial of said detainees is underway and the prosecutor isn't going easy on the charges:
"These attacks were planned by representatives of this foreign country that wants to spread its influence on the Arab and Muslim worlds. And Hezbollah is nothing but a tool used to carry out its wicked goals," prosecutor Amr Farouk told the emergency state security court.

"We demand the maximum punishment on the traitors."


The prosecutor called for death sentences for six of the defendants, charged with terrorism and espionage-related offences, a judicial source said.
That makes this as much a trial on Iran's activities (as the hand behind Hezbollah) as a trial of the accused.

Expect diplomatic sparks to fly as this trial resumes in February.

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